Diversity Accreditation

What is Diversity Certification /Accrediation?

Diversity certification is relatively new and is still in its infancy. There are several ways to review Diversity and Inclusion Accreditation with the most recent being the Accredit Global Frameworks which is an audit-able yearly process to ensure excellence.

Diversity and Inclusion InitiativesStrategic planningBased on sound methodology

Systemic approach designed to:

+       align with current graduate profiles

+       encourage progression of that current graduate profile

+       infill graduate profile (aligned to times)

+       address current baseline of the business, through pathway planning

+       overcome external business landscape complexities

Org ReadinessBase line Survey

+       Current demographic

+       Current attitudes


+       Current demographic

+       Current attitudes

Employee Pool

+       Current demographic

+       Current attitudes

Graduate Pool

+       Current demographic

+       Current attitudes

Current work environment

Target work environment:

+       Attitudes

+       Flexibility

+       Underlying work skills for industry qualifications based on:

o  course skills and competency

o  pre-employment and employment screening practices

o  past/current training models and selection practices and consideration of:

§  Bias

§  Promoting for technical / detail competence

§  Promoting for “soft skills”

+       Operating Style

+       Operating environment

People+       Talent management focused on strategy and organizational culture

+       A systemic approach to recruiting, on-boarding and retention

+       Tools for identifying:

o  organizational talent gaps

o  improvement opportunities

o  making gains

+       Connected recruiting to business goals with supporting:

o  Tools

o  Systems

o  Processes

+       Strategies for improved employee engagement through a systemic:

o  Pre-recruiting

o  Recruiting

o  Selection

o  On-boarding

QualityLeadership Vision and CommitmentStrong vision:

+       Focus

+       Financial investment

+       Accountability

Leaders at all levels:

+       Directors

+       CEO

+       Senior Management

+       Management

+       Employees

+       HR

Design and ImprovementBased on:

+       best practices

+       customer requirements

+       assessable

Monitored and Sustained to produce verifiable results

Design and ImprovementClear on model, purpose and paradigm :

+       Business improvement

+       Customer alignment

+       Geographic match

+       Geopolitical necessity

+       Sustainability integration

+       Attraction Strategy

+       Competitive Edge / Product Development

Design and ImprovementProgram, Systems, Tools and Methodology to:

+       Launch

+       Enhance

+       Renew

Design and Improvement+       Developmental Program, Systems, Tools and Methodology for effective and sustainability:

o  Purpose of the Program

o  Change drivers

o  organizational development intervention

+       The historical evolution of diversity and inclusion and the implications for designing and implementing D&I initiatives

o  Understanding organizational readiness when launching an initiative

o  Level-setting organizational understanding of diversity and inclusion

o  Developing a strategic plan that is aligned with mission, vision and values

+       The importance of a clear business rationale

o  Communication and education as key pillars of the initiative

o  Engaging employees across the organization

o  Key internal and external stakeholders

o  Accountability and measurement

o  Rewards and recognition

Engagement and EmpowermentCapable to taking action and initiative to positively influence:

+      current culture

+      nature of the experience

+      quality of the experience for customers, employees and managers

AccountabilityEstablish the standards

Convert the standards to meaningful actions and outcomes, including:

+      plans

+      explicit requirements set out in:

o  job descriptions

o  performance evaluations

o  team reviews

Maintain the standards through:

+      persistent focus

+      performance coaching

+      consequences

+      courageous decisions

Measurement and Feedback+       Use of organizational culture to drive the success of the talent management strategy

+       Challenges and opportunities of pre-recruitment, recruiting and retention

+       Business drivers for diversity management

+       The impact and influence of unconscious bias on organisations, management and people and their decision-making

+       Aligning business strategy, people management strategy and Diversity and Inclusion strategy

+       Trends (past, current and future) in recruitment and on-boarding

+       Examining and advancing current programs for:

o  performance management

o  mentoring

o  succession planning

o  coaching

+       Examining and advancing current arrangements under:

o  systems

o  policies

o  processes

o  practices

+       Reviewing programs and arrangements that influence:

o  Pre-recruitment

o  Recruitment

o  Retention

o  On-boarding

o  Integration into the workplace

+       Developing a balanced approach to quantitative and qualitative measurement

Measurement and FeedbackMeasurement and feedback methods:

+      are sound

+      produce information that leaders can communicate

o  to drive celebration

o  to drive improvement

CommunicationTo advance the primacy of the objectives on consistent high performance outcomes, align:

+      organization’s communication

+      employee’s personal communication performance

+      management’s personal communication performance

+      stakeholder communication performance

Development and TrainingAll training strategies:

+      connect to diversity strategy

+      are inclusive

+      reinforce commitment to outcomes

Reward and RecognitionRecognition practices aligning positive consequences to:

+      customer experience

+      stakeholder assessment

+      employee understanding

PerformanceInstill and sustain a system for inviting and handling non conformances and identifying improvement opportunities.
Focus and SustainabilityKeep the focus in:

+      meetings

+      planning

+      reviewing

Continue to allocate resources to improve the service and the vision

Understanding+       intersectionality

+       multiple identities

+       diversity and change

+       organisational trends

+       tensions triggered by change

+       Past demographics / legacy cultures and diversity

+       concept of

o  “race”

o  “identity”

o  “identification”:

§  Gender

§  Orientation

§  Culture

§  Spirituality

o  Inherited power:

§  Wealth

§  Race

§  Religion

§  Associations

§  Institutions

+       business cases for diversity

+       cultural intelligence

+       demographics and attitudes across the ages

+       religion and spirituality in the workplace

+       emerging definition of “work”

+       21st century skills

Conversations+       Avoiding the blame game

+       Addressing Legal issues

+       Blended and Experiential learning

+       Evaluating success

+       Evaluating under delivery

+       Emerging issues

+       External suppliers consultants