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Diversity Australia is a leading professional services and training firm specialising in diversity and cultural change in Australia and Internationally. We are passionate about providing training and building strategies that promote an div1.fwinclusive culture and diverse workforce across all organisations to set a new standard for Diversity Globally…


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Without knowing, we are all guilty of being biased; it is in our basic make up and biology. Psychologists explain that our unconscious biases are simply our ‘people preferences’ and we naturally favour those who look like us, sound like…

Men as Leaders

Ideas about what makes a leader may be what continues to keep women down, the study suggests. At a young age, men are often taught to be "confident, assertive and self-promoting," while women are discouraged away from those traits — the very…
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New Ways Women are Combating Gender Bias in Silicon Valley’s Tech Scene

Gender bias, particularly in Silicon Valley’s tech sector, is obvious and has evolved into an issue that has become the topic for a slew of articles lately. Here are five rather alarming statistics that caught my attention:Out…
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Women scientists are here: we need to be seen and heard

When people think of science celebrities, they think of men. Professor Emma Johnston argues that more needs to be done to highlight the role of women in science.Malcolm Turnbull, our innovation Prime Minister, says there's never been a…
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Why the Workplace Gender Gap Is Worse for Women of Color

Though the last couple of years have wrought a number of flashy initiatives aimed at increasing gender and racial equality at certain companies, men continue to own the lion's share of leadership roles in the U.S. And while women at large…