Managing Unconscious Bias at Work

This Program highlights the prevalence of bias, examines the evidence, assesses progress, identifies areas of ongoing concern, and presents new ideas and frameworks to support change and improve diversity outcomes to contribute to the productivity and performance of your organisation.

Examining unconscious and conscious bias and the role it plays in workplace decisions may be the key to better understanding why diversity remains a ‘work in progress’. There has been a concerted effort over decades to establish fair and equitable workplaces where diversity and tolerance is ‘the norm’. However, despite these efforts and the investment in time and resources by organisations and specialist commissions, progress in removing the barriers that limit opportunities for certain identified groups’ remains largely elusive. It’s time for a new approach.


This course would suit managers and team leaders seeking to increase their skills in the area of unconscious bias, diversity best practice and inclusive leadership.

Maximum group participants for this program is open for discussion.  All prices are Group prices.


Upon completion of the training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the link between diversity, productivity and business benefits
  • Develop an enhanced appreciation of the nature and prevalence of bias
  • Become familiar with frameworks for identifying, addressing and reducing bias.